"High quality photography has a positive influence on buying decisions"

It is a fact; ‘professional photography influences people when making buying decisions’. So if you need photography for your e-commerce site, business website or social media including headshots for LinkedIn profiles, and you don’t have the time or expertise, then using a professional photographer is the most cost effective way to solve this problem.

Consumers are increasingly buying online and making decisions based on what they see. When a product or service looks good and there are clear explanations of what it does and how it performs, the consumer is much more likely to buy the product.

This is why high end ‘polished product photography’ is extremely important for your company website, which may be for information only or an e-commerce site where it is vital.

 I can help you with your product photography needs, I have the time, professional equipment and the expertise all backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

If you need help with your website photography or LinkedIn profile shots, please contact me on 07808 897618 to discuss your requirements, and I will be happy to give an honest assessment without any obligation on your part.

Yellow toner cartridge
RB Medical
pack shot

No two products are the same, they all have different characteristics and need  a professional photographers specialised skills to enhance the product.


A common and cost effective way to photograph products is against a white background. This is the standard for e-commerce sites like Amazon. It sounds straightforward and if you believe the online tutorials they make it look very easy with a few pieces of basic equipment. If your aim is to advertise on Ebay then this is probably going to work out fine. However if you want a professional look to your products it takes a lot more effort and skill to light the products and enhance them in the best possible way.

The photograph of the medical instrument was taken as part of a range of products for RB Medical who specialise in medical instruments. Everything is made of high quality stainless steel and the photography had to reflect this with crisp clean lighting, which can only be achieved with the expertise of a professional photographer. For this client I significantly cut their cost of post production by eliminating the need for cutting their products out to a white background.

Click link to see more examples: https://steveheatherill.myportfolio.com/rb-medical

Using a professional photographer can save a business time and money in the full knowledge they will get professional results first time. This is where I can help your business, by using my years of experience to carefully prepare the products for photography, ensure they are correctly positioned lit evenly and delivered on time to your deadlines.

All photographs will be processed using the latest software including the removal of any minor blemishes on the products. The final photographs will be supplied in hi-resolution for print and low-resolution optimised for web.

Top and bottom pictures: ppcsolutions.com

Middle picture: bmp europe

More examples can be seen by clicking on this link


Adding text to product photography significantly increase the chance of a customer buying a product, simply because it can answer some of the obvious questions


Infographics are very popular on e-commerce sites due to the fact that in one picture there is a lot of added information about the product. This is extremely helpful for potential buyers because it visually answers a number of questions about a product and ultimately leads to a quicker decision to purchase the product and when they buyer receives the product they get what they expected.

The information added to the picture and any close up detail shots are determined by the client. The images are compiled and illustrated using the latest software to produce high quality images.

Cartridge recycling

This is a highly specialised sector and requires working to tight deadlines, in a variety of different environments, with minimal disruption to the business as well as fulfilling the technical requirements of the business.

Location photography is a big part of why I enjoy my job. I get to meet new people and see how they work. This is all about collaboration and getting the best out of the location and the people involved. I have extensive experience working in different situations from factory floors to laboratory clean rooms. Every job is different. A key to success is the importance being efficient with respect to planning the photography with the client to ensure there is minimum disruption to the work flow of the business, fulfilling the brief with the technical and branding requirements.

A key element of working within a clients premises is to clearly work within their guidelines and plan the shoot accordingly to ensure it goes smoothly. This will include adhering to the company guidelines for PPE, Health and Safety, Risk Assessments. It is also important to ensure that key personnel are informed including permission from any members of staff to be photographed. Planning in this type of work is a key part of my process which makes sure I get it right first time and meet my clients expectations.

I use an extensive range of professional equipment including cameras, lenses and lighting, which enables me to undertake a wide variety of projects when on location.

Top left, picture taken on location at BMP Europe.

Bottom left, pictures taken on location at: The Original Place-Integrative Therapy services

Click this link to see more examples https://steveheatherill.myportfolio.com/commercial

Simon IT Department Headshot
Claire Millar Headshot

Professional headshots are increasingly important for modern business to project the image of your business to your clients, with a whole range of applications from social media profiles, including LinkedIn, to company brochures and websites. 


Generally speaking people do not like their photograph being taken, especially in the work environment. In addition they are generally very busy work schedules and don’t have time to have their photograph taken. I understand their anxiety and the fact that they could be under time pressures, this is where my experience kicks in by being able to quickly put people at ease. I know I won’t get the picture first time, so I shoot a several pictures in quick succession and show the person to make sure that they are happy before they leave.

This is where I believe planning is important.  Informing the people concerned in advance and creating realistic schedules and with my portable studio the photographs can be taken at your business premises with minimum disruption which means your staff don’t need to leave the office.

In most cases a white background will be used, however if a client has a specific request for a background, which may be part of the branding, this can be easily accommodated. If there are multiple locations, I will ensure the same background and lighting is used to maintain a uniform style. The photographs can be used across many platforms, such as the company website, company brochure, LinkedIn etc. All photographs will be optimised for both web use and brochure use.  I can take the photographs in colour or black and white 

To see a gallery of headshots please click on this link https://steveheatherill.myportfolio.com/headshots

Service standards are key to success

Excellent service and quality work is the key to long term business relationships. This is why I believe in offering exceptional service by understanding your business needs, ensuring there is a clear brief and understanding of the project requirements. 

  • Produce high quality images
  • Deliver on time
  • Retouch blemishes
  • Help improve your business image
  • Save you time and expense
  • Results based

Nowadays, Amazon listing photography is big business. Gone are the days when a few home snaps would cut the mustard – high end, polished and fully professional Amazon photography is a must have for a serious seller. We’re experts in creating very high quality, Amazon compliant images that will make your product really stand out – regardless of how many other people are selling the same or similar items…!

Amazon recommends (as you might expect) using all available image spaces to get the best possible listing. Current maximum on both Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com, is to have 7 images per listing, so our guides below are based on this. However this is not compulsory from either Amazon or our point of view, and you can choose exactly the formula you think would work for your product.

7 white background images from £185.00 + VAT
7 white background images including 2 standard infographics – from £235.00 + VAT (similar to example shown)

Firstly, why do I enjoy commercial photography?

Just like most people, I buy many things online or look at company websites before deciding to buy a product or service If the website looks professional and the photography is well done, which includes everything, from people to products, I find a sense of reassurance in that particular business and I am more likely to buy from them, as opposed to a website poorly designed with low grade photography. It does not need to be this way and I just want to raise awareness and help businesses be more successful online.

My mission, therefore, is to help anyone; from individuals looking for a professional headshot for a LinkedIn picture, or a startup business all the way up to established businesses, revisit their websites and improve their online presence with professional photography.

Based in Southport, I specialise in commercial photography creating images for a wide range of clients. This can be either studio based or on location. I take commissions for all types of commercial photography including: corporate, industrial and editorial photography. I produce high quality photographs which can be used in brochures, publications, and online.

Graduating from Plymouth College of Art & Design, I have worked for many years in professional photography. I am constantly adapting to new technology and use the latest professional equipment and editing software to produce high quality digital output.

I offer a very pragmatic and honest professional approach with fixed prices and no hidden extras. My aim is to help showcase your business with high quality professional photography.

Note: I am currently working safely following the government guidance on Covid  -19

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